Vanuatu Untouched Paradise

GIC is a trustworthy and licensed immigration consultancy in Vanuatu that offers quality guidance, effective advice and provides information to its clients to settle down in the country.

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GIC also offers its clients a highly reliable and fast immigration service at a very low cost compared to other immigration consultancies. By choosing Global Immigration Consultant you are assured to fulfil your dream of a better life.

1. Online Visitor Application form - completed and signed by applicant (health and character questions answered on application form)

2. Visa application charge paid through Paypal:

-visa for up to 4 months                 18,000 Vatu

-visa for up to 7 months                 30,000 Vatu

-visa for up to 12 months               54,000 Vatu

3. If the applicant is in Vanuatu a valid passport is required; or If the applicant is outside of Vanuatu, a certified copy of bio-data page and all used passport pages should be provided.

Note: Passports must be the one you will use on entry to Vanuatu

4. 2 recent passport sized photographs

5. Return ticket, or evidence of other arranged transport from Vanuatu, within 12 months

6. Evidence of reasons for application for an extended visitor visa. This may include:

- a letter from your employer confirming leave;

- a letter of invitation to visit Vanuatu if visiting family or friends in Vanuatu;

- other information that you have an incentive to depart Vanuatu such as to complete studies, care for children etc

Note: supporting documents not in English, French or Bislama must be translated into one of these languages.

7. Evidence of:

- funds/income to support the applicant for duration of stay of 40,000 Vatu per month; or

- support the applicant will receive from family/friends in Vanuatu

8. If the applicant is under 18 years of age: the Principal Immigration Officer is satisfied that both of the applicant's parents, if living, or legal guardian(s) have consented to the grant of the visa.

9. If the applicant is under 18 years of age, is not a member of an organised tour and will not be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian whilst in Vanuatu:

- an undertaking from a Vanuatu citizen, or the holder of a visa vaild during the applicant's stay, to provide accommodation and food and be responsible for the applicant's general welfare during the applicants stay in Vanuatu.